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© 7x+ à l’Ouest - Installations artistiques de Yann Kersalé - SNAIK - 2011

© 7x+ à l’Ouest - Installations artistiques de Yann Kersalé - SNAIK - 2011

Laury Thilleman supports the Brittany Photo Contest

Brittany Photo Contest (first edition)

International Photography Competition Brittany


Brittany seen through 100 pictures taken by 20 photographers

Landscape – Portraits – Objets – Action.

The exhibition will take place in October 2017 at the chamber of commerce, Morlaix.


Our goal is to create an annual international artistic event in Morlaix, a town located in Finistère, Brittany. The event aims to bring various photographers to Brittany in order to showcase the region through 100 unique photographs.


• One rule: Brittany! The photos must be of Brittany and its many lights and landscapes, whether natural or urban. Its inhabitants may also be subjects, be they lively or still.


• The event is open to both professional and artist photographers from all around the world.


• Registration is free. Pre-registration is required before sending us your photographs.


• A jury made up of 11 people will select 20 photographers. They will be chosen according to their portfolio composed of 10 photo prints 24X30 cm or 8x10 inches and a written explanation of their photographic approach.


• The photographs must be originals and must have been taken either in Brittany.


• The 100 chosen photographs will be magnified to 60x80cm by our organisation and displayed for two weeks at the Chamber of commerce and industry in Morlaix.


• Public access to the exhibition will be free.


• A catalogue of the 100 chosen photographs will be printed and sold. The proceeds will go to the organisation.


• The winner of the competition will receive €10,000 at the Award Ceremony.


• When the exhibition has ended, the prints exhibited will be auctioned. The proceeds will either go to the photographers or to the organisation with the permission of the photographer.



The deadline to submit your portfolio is August 28st 2017.
Please send it to the organisation’s postal address.

Photography which is an artistic discipline is the perfect match with Brittany even.


Why organise a photography competition?


Given its maritime, terrestrial, historical, and human dimensions, photography can testify to the strength and the uniqueness of this land. The mission is twofold: to highlight the beauty of Brittany while revealing artistic talents.


What is the common thread of this event?

It is undoubtedly the artistic scope. There are plenty of beautiful pictures of Brittany but is that enough? The emotional element of the picture is often missing. A sunset is always beautiful but not necessarily interesting from an artistic point of view.


This photography competition wishes to create a powerful artistic platform to encourage photographers to step out of their comfort zone in order to find emotions that amaze us, that make us laugh, that make us cry, that move us in one way or another. We should never be left feeling indifferent. A great challenge!


Hubert TAILLARD - photographer,

Jean Yves GOUJARD - photographer.




The jury's expectations
brittany photo contest


Dear photographers,

The contest themes are free and numerous. It's "Brittany in a tizzy..."


The jury expecting a lot of creativity and imagination from you. They will be sensitive to natural photographs which are composed by coherent subjects like  pictures of characters or trades, life's moments and human actions ... The jury will not pay attention by Brittany's traditional photographs such as lighthouses in the storm, sunsets, waves, beaches... So please, be creative.


Brittany cannot be « summed up » with those clichés. It's also materials, lights of countryside and urban landscapes... From Saint-Malo to Pornic, from Brest to Broceliande through Carhaix, catch th moment and reveal Breton's country and human diversity.

The selection of photographs will establish the new  "Breton photographic Fund".


The jury will also sensitive to the photographic value in its first definition. So please, avoid excessive digital manipulation. The power of the image must be sufficient in itself. HDR, fixtures, scenic or other filtrations do not catch a weak subject.


Surprise yourself, surprise us, be amazing...!






Photo : ClaudeTruong-Ngoc

"Because we believe culture for all and serve all is the mainstay of the community life, It is our responsibility to enable each of our citizens to find, within cultural actions, his own breathing. Literature, street arts, music, dance or scientific culture, Breton identity or urban culture and photography today, each according to its sensitivity, can find answers to their desires regardless of training, regardless of age or appetite. That's the Morlaisian spirit ".


Agnès Le Brun

Mayor of Morlaix and Regional Councillor Brittany

About the event

Brittany Photo Contest (first edition)

International Photography Competition Brittany

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