The winners and the winner of the grand prIX (2017)



  Endowment of 10 000 €

  was awarded to Franck BETERMIN for his happy, dynamic photos

and very promotional for Brittany

Photograph of Franck Bétermin, Grand Prix winner of € 10,000

The 2 "SPECIAL MENTIONS of the jury" were awarded on a par

to Mélanie WENGER (for her subject on Marie-Laure in Monts d'Arrée)

and Wilfried THOMAS for his striking portraits taken in the photographic chamber

Photograph of Mélanie Wenger - Special Jury Prize

Photograph of Wilfried Thomas - Special Jury Prize

to each:

• IMATAG software worth 850 €


• A stay and gastronomic meal with night for 2 offered by the Hotel BRITTANY of ROSCOFF

and Hotel of CARANTEC of the starred chef Patrick JEFFROY


• A Brittanybox Ruby Premium - Travel and stay package in Great Britain

to each of the two photographers ranked 2 and 3 ex-aequo worth 800 € offered by the company BRITTANY FERRIES


And for the 20 selected photographers:

• One year of PixTrakk subscription

Awards Ceremony on Saturday 4 November 2017 in Morlaix, at the ICC, in the presence of Mrs Agnès Le Brun, Mayor of Morlaix and the main partners.

Results of the August 31, 2017 Selection

Dear Photographers,

a big thank you to the 417 participants of the Great Photographic Prize of Brittany!

The files received were of a formidable diversity and of a high quality. The level of this first edition is very high and the jury which met on August 31, 2017 under the presidency of Alain MINGAM, deliberated at length to choose the 20 finalists of the Grand Prix which we are pleased to present:


• Franck Betermin

• Bruno Beucher

• Roseline Bigi

• Pascal Bourguignon

• Anthony Caer

• Luc Choquer

• Gaëlle de Trescadec

• Bernard Galeron

• Jean Guichard

• Christophe Hargoues

• Irène Jonas

• Stéphane Lavoué

• Frédéric Lefeuvre

• Charles Marion

• Thibaut Piel

• Thierry Prat

• Emanuelle Scorcelletti

• Wilfried Thomas

• Philippe Ulliac

• Mélanie Wenger


Thank you again to all the other participants. Your portfolios will be at your disposal at the exhibition location in Morlaix from 21 October.


Hubert Taillard

Co-founder of GPPB

The members of the Jury during the selection day on August 31 at the CCI of Morlaix:

- Eric BERTHOU, peintre navigateur

- Guy BOURREAU, organisateur du festival photo "Promenades de Vendômes"

- Alain MINGAM, président du jury, commissaire d’exposition

- Jean-Claude FAUJOUR, artiste peintre

- Alain-Claude KERRIEN, directeur de communication du GRAND PRIX - publicitaire

- Michel QUEFFURUS, photographe, élu CMA GNPP

- Marcel QUIVIGER, directeur de rédaction du Télégramme

- Julie PLUS, fondatrice et directrice de WIPPLAY

- Hubert TAILLARD, co-fondateur du GRAND PRIX


772 pre-registrations • 417 files received • 20 photographers honored!


The 20 finalists will be exhibited from 21 October to 4 November 2017 in Morlaix.

An auction of their exhibition prints may take place at the end of the fortnight.


€ 10,000 for only one winner!


It will be announced on November 4, 2017 at the closing ceremony of the Grand Prix, after the 15 days of exhibitions of the finalists.

See very soon the entire program of the fortnight of the Grand Prix.



21 October - 4 November 2017


The exhibition of the 20 finalists, complementary exhibitions, meetings, debates, inauguration, vernissage and closing ceremony ...


Full program: click here

Photos extracted from the portfolios of the winners in competition

Bruno Beucher - Femmes de marins ©

Bernard Galeron

Broderie Glazik de Pascal Jaouen ©

Anthony Caer - Binic ©

Charles MARION ©

Pascal Bourguignon ©


Franck Bétermin ©


Irène Jonas ©

Roseline BIGI ©

Mélanie Wenger ©

Thierry PRAT ©

Stéphane LAVOUé ©

Wilfried Thomas ©

Gaëlle de Trescadec ©

Thibaut Piel ©

Luc Choquer ©

Emanuele Scorcelletti ©

Frédéric Lefeuvre ©

Christophe Hargoues ©

Philippe Ulliac ©

Professional day on October 26, 2017

CCI - Morlaix airport





• 10h-12h - meetings around the photographs

• 14h-19h - questions and answers debate in the big amphitheater


animated by Guy BOURREAU, former director of KODAK-CANON-CABASSE - co-organizer of the Vendôme photographic walks.

Alain MINGAM - former grand reporter - editor of various photographic publications - exhibition curator - president of the GRAND PRIX Jury

are invited: all the photographers of the Grand Prix ... and the managers edition, com ...

 NB / some topics will be briefly discussed according to the questions of the public


photographer: profession and / or passion

how to become PHOTOGRAPHER - who is a photographer? - the various statuses: artisan- author- liberal profession- society - auto-entrepreneur- visual artist -UPP- AGESSA

how to learn photography: photo schools - assistant photographer - autodidactes: amateur / Pro: the bridge

photographers' unions (UPP-GNPP) -  the other professions of photography: graphic designer - retoucher iconographer - photo lab


Production and exploitation of images

the professional photo markets: orders ..

advertising agencies

town halls - communities of communes - CCI - REGION - COMPANIES - FESTIVALS - PHOTOTHEQUES -

research work order of individuals



tarifs and scales (UPP)

photo library - signing and tracing photos: IMATAG - PixsTrakk (protection of photos from piracy)

relationship between professional photography and the WEB (COPYRIGHT)


publishing and publishing photos - prints

photo labs - printers

publishing and publishing photos in newspapers-brochures- catalogs- books- photo books -web

art market (prints and sale of numbered artist proofs - exhibition)


Preserving and archiving images

the ARCHIVES photos and HISTORY - the photo libraries of institutions and companies (the ICONOGRAPH trade)

the PHOTO in the MUSEUMS - the COLLECTORS - the market of the DRAWS

What future for the photo?


Brittany Photo Contest (first edition)

International Photography Competition Brittany

© Grand Prix Photographique de Bretagne 2017 - Mentions légales