Results of the August 31, 2017 Selection

Dear Photographers,

a big thank you to the 417 participants of the Great Photographic Prize of Brittany!

The files received were of a formidable diversity and of a high quality. The level of this first edition is very high and the jury which met on August 31, 2017 under the presidency of Alain MINGAM, deliberated at length to choose the 20 finalists of the Grand Prix which we are pleased to present:


• Franck Betermin

• Bruno Beucher

• Roseline Bigi

• Pascal Bourguignon

• Anthony Caer

• Luc Choquer

• Gaëlle de Trescadec

• Bernard Galeron

• Jean Guichard

• Christophe Hargoues

• Irène Jonas

• Stéphane Lavoué

• Frédéric Lefeuvre

• Charles Marion

• Thibaut Piel

• Thierry Prat

• Emanuelle Scorcelletti

• Wilfried Thomas

• Philippe Ulliac

• Mélanie Wenger


Thank you again to all the other participants. Your portfolios will be at your disposal at the exhibition location in Morlaix from 21 October.


Hubert Taillard

Co-founder of GPPB

The members of the Jury during the selection day on August 31 at the CCI of Morlaix:

- Eric BERTHOU, peintre navigateur

- Guy BOURREAU, organisateur du festival photo "Promenades de Vendômes"

- Alain MINGAM, président du jury, commissaire d’exposition

- Jean-Claude FAUJOUR, artiste peintre

- Alain-Claude KERRIEN, directeur de communication du GRAND PRIX - publicitaire

- Michel QUEFFURUS, photographe, élu CMA GNPP

- Marcel QUIVIGER, directeur de rédaction du Télégramme

- Julie PLUS, fondatrice et directrice de WIPPLAY

- Hubert TAILLARD, co-fondateur du GRAND PRIX


772 pre-registrations • 417 files received • 20 photographers honored!


The 20 finalists will be exhibited from 21 October to 4 November 2017 in Morlaix.

An auction of their exhibition prints may take place at the end of the fortnight.


€ 10,000 for only one winner!


It will be announced on November 4, 2017 at the closing ceremony of the Grand Prix, after the 15 days of exhibitions of the finalists.

See very soon the entire program of the fortnight of the Grand Prix.



21 October - 4 November 2017


The exhibition of the 20 finalists, complementary exhibitions, meetings, debates, inauguration, vernissage and closing ceremony ...


Find out soon the complete program ...

Photos of the winners

Bruno Beucher - Femmes de marins ©

Bernard Galeron

Broderie Glazik de Pascal Jaouen ©

Anthony Caer - Binic ©

Charles MARION ©

Pascal Bourguignon ©


Franck Bétermin ©

Jean Guichard ©

Irène Jonas ©

Roseline BIGI ©

Mélanie Wenger ©

Thierry PRAT ©

Stéphane LAVOUé ©

Wilfried Thomas ©

Brittany Photo Contest (first edition)

International Photography Competition Brittany

© Grand Prix Photographique de Bretagne 2017 - Mentions légales