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Yes, I would like to participate in this competition and I am applying today. I will send my 5 photo prints 24x30cm (or 21x29,7cm) along with my final paper file before August 28st 2017.

Please send the portfolios by ordinary mail (letter) Not recommended.

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The event is open to both professional and artist photographers

Registration procedure


  • The event is open to both professional and artist photographers.

  • There is no particular theme; the only requirement is that the photographs must either be taken in Brittany.

  • Only the photographs including an emotional, graphic or informative dimension will be chosen for the exhibition. Therefore, you must understand and adhere to the spirit of this artistic event. The selection criteria are not only based on the photographs’ artistic value.

  • The jury will only select paper files composed of 10 photo prints 24X30 cm or 8x10 inches and a written explanation of the photographic approach.

  • 20 photographers will be selected and each of their 5 photographs will be magnified and displayed for two weeks in October 2017 in the Chamber of commerce, Morlaix.

  • Only one photographer among the 20 will be chosen by the jury and will receive the €10,000 prize.



The deadline to submit your portfolio is August 28st 2017.
Please send it to the organisation’s postal address.


The jury will be composed of professional photographers and one or several well-known public figures from Brittany.


Registration free


How to enter:

1 - Pre-register before sending your paper file

2 - Download the registration form (see opposite)

3 - Print it, fill it in and send it, before the deadline, accompanied by your 10 photo prints 24x30cm to the following address: Grand Prix Photographique de Bretagne, GPO - Pennanros - 29600 MORLAIX.


The drawings presented to compete will not be returned but recovered upon exposure to Morlaix in October 2017. They are only used for the selection of winners by the jury.


Contest Rules: download here.



Please send the portfolios by ordinary mail (letter)

Not recommended

Next edition in 2020

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